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90 minutes a week will transform your life
and the way you view the world.

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Enhance Your Sensual Side

Mastery of the senses takes us from reacting
to external factors into a life of enrichment.

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Power of Sensuality Workshop

Discover secrets to utilize your senses in a way that will change your whole perception and experience of life! By introducing simple awarenesses and exercises, we will guide you in creating a life filled with greater joy, abundance, fulfillment and love!

Achieve New Realms of Ecstasy

Would you like to feel excited about each and every day?
Could you use more passion to fuel your dreams?
Are you longing for a greater sense of intimacy?
Do you want access to creativity and self-expression?

…if Yes, then this course is for you!


What if we told you all these things can be switched on by simply refining the sensory perception in your own body, by increasing your sensory awareness? Sensual intelligence is our ability to discriminate sensations, feelings and emotions. It is our ability to name and claim those sensations, feel them fully and act on them.

When we use the power of our senses in a conscious way, it transforms life from ordinary to extraordinary! You feel tuned in, turned on and tapped into the wellspring of life that energizes your body, makes your heart sing, supports clear decisions and takes your intimate relationships to a whole new level!

Join Catherine Miller and Dawn Jordan as they lead participants on a four week exploration to uncover the hidden jewels of sensuality that live within each and every one of us! To learn more, just press the link!

Catherine Miller

Catherine Miller

Passionate Living

Catherine “Cat” Miller is a nationally acclaimed publisher, spokesperson and consultant in the field of wellness and has been a guest on over 100 talk shows in the U.S. and Canada. She is the founder of Passionate Living, a media company that inspires viewers to “fall in love with their lives.” With a natural enthusiasm for life, Cat inspires each person she meets and has often been referred to as a “modern day muse.” With an extensive background in the fields of science, spirituality and health, she brings the perfect balance of grounding and openness to her work as a transformational guide.

Dawn Marie Jordan

Dawn Marie Jordan


Dawn Marie Jordan has been bringing people back to their senses for 32 years by teaching them how to access the intelligence of their bodies. Creator of BodyWisdom, a proven system for refining sensual intelligence and nurturing brave hearts, she is a speaker, workshop leader, massage therapist, touch educator and researcher trained in Brazil, India, Canada, Italy and the USA. She has worked with Wellesley College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Innovation Center, TEDMEDLive, The Performance Group Executive Training and SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine.

Power of Sensuality Workshop

What is included in this course:

January 13

Waking Up Your Senses

This first class explores the hidden jewels within each of us … our senses. When we pay better attention, refine our taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight, intuition and our ability to ‘read space,’ the potential for enjoyment is unlimited! Awareness enhances the expression of feeling and emotion. Your body starts to communicate about its most intimate longings, desires and tears. Be prepared for a fabulous ride through the secret caverns and echoing voices of your own bodymind and heart. Special guest is renowned Bollywood yogini Hemelayaa Behl.

January 20

Creating a Sensual Abode

Home is your palace of rest, love, caring, sharing, protection, inspiration, family and friends. Is it warm, comfortable, orderly, beautiful and a reflection of your heart’s affection? This course will inspire and empower you to create the ultimate expression of your innermost joy and empowerment in your surroundings! Even when traveling, simple techniques can transform a bland space into a temple. Artist and transformational guide Jaya Smyth will join us!


January 27

Social Mastery through Senses

The power of sensuality can be utilized to touch the lives of each person who crosses our path: a family member, a friend, social connection or co-worker. Learning how to speak and listen authentically polishes social skills, turning each connection into a jewel of wisdom, a potential client or a deeper family tie. Mastering the senses helps you achieve high-level communication vital to living a more joy-filled, successful life.

February 3

Transcendent Sex

Sexual intimacy has the potential to be a sacrament – a connection to the divine – and a key to awakening the god and goddess within us. Learn how sexual union can bring you into direct alignment with the co-creative forces of Nature.  Find your God Spot. (It’s not where you think!) Experience a numinous realm of intimate expression that will forever transform your lovemaking.

30 Minute Private Coaching

Catherine Miller and Dawn Jordan are experienced coaches and inspirational muses who will guide you with steps to utilize your senses in a way that will transform your current experience of life. This thirty minute session is included in the Power of Sensuality workshop. A half hour session is $150, yet will be included as an added benefit to support all participants who sign up prior to October 27th, 2015!

Bonus eBook Guide:

Power of Sensuality
A Life of Enhanced Sensuality

When we are able to truly feel … and to name and claim all of the sensations and emotions within us, we begin to master our own lives. This means our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are fully expressed and we can act on them consciously. We become aware of our relationship to the natural world and can more easily give and receive love and affection in an open manner. True sensual power allows us to act in our own best interest, from our truest authentic self.

As well, being in tune with our senses and knowing how to utilize them for our greatest joy involves taking our love life to a higher level of trust, intimacy, connection and the height of togetherness that melds two bodies into One.

Power of Sensuality is the first in a series of books that invites you into a world of sensual wisdom … a world that will change your experience of life! Each participant will receive this introductory “guide to enhanced sensuality” as a bonus for joining us on journey into the Power of Sensuality.

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  • Four 90 minute classes
  • 30 minute private session
  • Recording of each class
  • Intro to “Power of Sensuality” e-book


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  • Four 90 minute classes
  • 30 minute private session
  • Recordings of each class
  • Intro to “Power of Sensuality” e-book

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